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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

A small yellow rodent pokemon made her way through some brush. She had rumors of a valley that had been taken over by an Arcanine and his army. Of course she thought it was a mere rumor.

"How could an Arcanine be so powerful?" Yuri asked herself. "Its not possible. That valley is probably a myth. I've never heard of such a thing." she mumbled wiping some dirt off of her pink electric sacs and pulling twigs from her fur.Yuri didn't know what to believe anymore. If the valley existed shouldn't she try and help any survivors who had managed to escape the army? Or maybe it was all a rumor and she would be going on a wild goose chase.

"It might be a rumor... But if its true then someone out there needs my help. I have to find any survivors from the valley!" she concluded punching a paw in the air.
Credit to Dylan for the avvie and banner. :D
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