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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

A large monstrosity of an Onix lay on the the ground, resting. Ever since the valley was attacked by the foolish Arcanine's army, it wasn't the same as before. Others were leaving the valley to run away, some were becoming far too aggressive. The only GOOD thing about this is that he was able to ally with some of his own species to battle the army. It was as if they were family at that time, protecting each other like a herd of Donphan would do their own. Abilar's eyes snapped open when he heard the familiar roar of another Onix. He rose up high to see the passerby. It WAS another Onix, but of course not a Crystal Onix like himself. He finally spoke up, his deep, gruff voice startling the other. "You, brother, are you alright?" He asked, trying to sound as nice as possible. The Onix looked at him and nodded slowly, but it's eyes showed fear. "Do not fear me, brother. I am one of you." Abilar explained, before seeing a bruise on the other Onix's body. "You do not seem alright." He approached, pushing himself forward for a closer look. "Sadly, there is nothing I can do." He mumbled, glancing at the Onix. "But, you can follow me around for awhile. I'll be happy for FIND some help for you..."
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