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Default Re: Supernatural RP Sign Ups

Originally Posted by SakuraRose View Post
Sign ups:


Age: 16

Good or Evil: good, one of the physic children, and a hunter


Personality: Amber is a outgoing girl. She can be feisty it times and doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. Basically Amber is happy all the time. The only time when she gets serious is when shes on a hunting job. When Amber is on a job then she plans to get it done.

History: Amber lives with her uncle Bobby now. The same Bobby that the Winchester boys talk to all the time. When Amber was a little girl her parents were killed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. So then her uncle took her in. Bobby taught Amber pretty much everything there is to know about the supernatural. Now since she heard that the Yellow-Eyes Demon is back alive, she wants some major revenge.

Other: nothing really
i like it, your accepted.
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