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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Poppy, Chip and Torin

A Furret stopped and sank to to the ground, tired after traveling so far, so quickly. Her brother saw her stop and bounced back to her, followed by a shiny Pikachu.

"C'mon Poppy, I know you're tired, but we gotta keep moving." The larger of the two Furret tugged on his sister, sitting her upright. "We have to find someplace safe for the night."

Poppy was a bit smaller than most Furret, and her green eyes were on the verge of tears. "I can't Chip," she said softly. "I can't feel my paws anymore and my back is so sore."

Chip looked at her sympathetically. Under her brown and cream stripes, there was a terrible bruise forming across her back from the force of Gyro Ball by a Forretress. He looked at the Pikachu worriedly. Torin was not really paying attention as he fumbled with the string of freshwater shells around his neck. His grandmother, and the only mother the Furret siblings had ever known, was killed by the Forretress and an angry Victreebel. All four fought the powerful Pokemon, but the old Raichu did not make it, pouring the last of her energy into the strongesst Hyper Beam any of them had ever seen. There was no time to react though as more of the Arcanine's army chased them away.

They had run all day away from the only home they ever knew. Torin was pretty roughed up, Poppy had recieved a direct hit from behind, and Chip had a cut on his side from the Leaf Blade he did not see coming. Looking at the other two he sighed then glanced around. Now was not the time to be acting like a kit. Both cream-tipped ears shot straight up at a slight sound. Clambering up a large boulder next to them, he focused to the east a bit, then jumped back down.

"You two stay here for just a minute. Catch your breath while I look ahead." Without waiting for an answer, he ran off.

Poppy watched him disappear past an outcrop, then huddled back against the boulder. She felt vulnerable out in the open, and her back felt as if it were on fire. She heard a sniff and turned her head to see Torin gazing back up the mountain.

"We couldn't even bury her." The Pikachu closed his eyes and turned his face to the ground. "It's not fair. No one deserves this."

"Nevi didn't deserve it."

Torin looked up at the Furret's comment. Poppy was looking at the shells around his neck, the necklace that had always belonged to Nevita. His grandmother had given them to him just before she died. Tears started to trickle down the small Furret's cheeks.

"We couldn't even say goodbye to her." She finally broke down in sobs, covering both eyes with her paws. "And now, we don't know where anyone is!"

The young Pikachu listened to his friend, not knowing what to say. When they found the pass out of the valley, realization had dawned on him, once they left, he would have no idea where his parents were. Torin was nearly ready to turn and run back down the valley, until Chip tackled him out of the way of a large rock some Pokemon had thrown. The Furret told him that he would not be able to find his parents if those other Pokemon found him first. So, he turned away, and ran down the mountain with his friends.

Now he sat and watched one of his best friends cry from the impact of the days events. A noise close by made both of them jump. Chip had his paws crossed over the dark stripes on his chest, tapping a foot.

"I leave for a minute and come back to find a Pikachu with a face longer than a Ponyta and a Furret crying enough to bring on the rain." The two Pokemon looked at each other, then slowly, both allowed a small smile. Chip nodded in satisfaction. "C'mon you two. I found a spring. It's small, but it's something. And there's a big rock overhang where we can spend the night."

As he led them around the rock outcrop, Poppy saw her brother wince. "Are you okay Chip?"

He looked back at her and nodded. "Yeah, my side just stings a little is all." He smiled reassuringly, but Poppy wasn't so sure.

The spring was only about a hundred yards from where they stopped, and was actually no more than a bubbling puddle. The fresh water spilled down the rocks in a thin trickle, allowing a few short, hardy plants to grow in spaces among the rock. All three took turns drinking from the cool water, then climbed up to the overhang to rest, falling asleep almost instantly.

They were not asleep long when Poppy stirred. She looked around confused for a moment, until she realized where they fell asleep. Standing up, she walked to edge of the crevice and strained her ears to hear something. The movement made Chip and Torin wake up.

The Pikachu rubbed an eye. "What's going on?"

"I heard something. At least, I thought I heard something." Poppy continued to look around. "It was so clear, but far away...and sad." She shook her head as she tried to figure it out. Did I even hear it? Or was it in my head?

"You shouldn't worry about it too much sis. You need some rest, it's been a lon- AH!" Chip had just started to rise when a sharp pain in his side caused him to collapse. It was then that he noticed he was shivering, even though the air was stifling.

As soon as her brother cried out, the smaller Furret had dashed back to him. "Chip! What's wrong?"

Torin was already at work. He looked at the cut in Chip's side and cringed. "This is deeper than we thought it was." Placing a paw on the Furret's side, he nearly drew back. He's burning up! Acting quick, he untied the bandana from his friend's neck and ran out to the spring. The Pikachu then dashed back and, twisting the cloth, wrung the water out over the wound making Chip flinch. "I'm sorry! It needs to be cleaned out." He ran back out and soaked the dark bandana again. This time when he came back, he carefully laid it across the cut. The young Furret winced again, then lay shivering. "Poppy see if you can keep him warm. I need to go see if any of those little plants out there might help." He stopped before walking away. "Don't worry, I'll have you back to yourself by morning."

Chip smiled, "Oh yeah? I'll betcha it's before."

Smiling back, Torin hurried back to the spring to search among the small, sparce vegitation. Poppy, meanwhile, laid down next to her brother and curled her thick tail up over him. "I'm sorry I didn't notice."

Sighing, the bigger Furret spoke softly. "You shouldn't have to notice. We were running, it's not your fault." His sister gently set her head down on his back. After a moment, Chip could feel something damp where her head was laying. "What did I tell you about bringing the rain?" he said gently. "Now I'm all wet." Poppy couldn't help but let a small giggle escape among her sad tears.
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