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Default Journey from the Valley

Journey from the Valley


Wild pokémon have lived peacefully in a large area consisting of forest, plains, rivers, and lakes. All types of pokémon live here, but in spite of there being various types, there is not a large number of these pokémon living here. Why? It lies in a hidden valley, where for some strange reason, only the pokémon born there know about it. These pokémon haven’t seen the world outside the valley. No outsider has ever stumbled upon it-until now.

It started when a lone growlithe stumbled upon it by pure luck, and that growlithe was soon driven out by one of the valley pokémon. The growlithe, a young pokémon named Firestorm, wanted revenge, and had seen what a marvelous place that valley was, and so he later evolved, and recruited other pokémon-tough pokémon used to living in harsh places, and told them of the amazing valley he’d been to and seen, and soon left to travel to the valley and take it over, to claim it for themselves...

Firestorm and his army have now taken over the valley, and driven out the peaceful valley pokémon, after killing and injuring many. Now the valley pokémon find themselves out of the safety of their home, in lands they have never seen before. Their only hope is to find a new home, and one day come up with a way to stop Firestorm’s army and reclaim their territory.

Rules and character refs here

Now for the roleplay to start-remember to mention your characters' species every so often as it will probably be a bit confusing in the beginning. Also, please have your characters meet up with others fast as I will do once people start posting-it'll be boring if your character's all alone and the escapers need to group together ^^

Bright sunlight slanted into Nightfang's eyes as the mightyena walked further away from the rocky base of one of the mountains surrounding the valley and towards where she hoped other escapers had gone. The claw marks she had obtained from a battle with a zangoose in Firestorm's army stung painfully, and the world outside of the valley had come as a complete shock.

She was staring at a desolate wasteland that stretched farther than she could see. Here and there the flat, dusty earth was peppered with brown rocks and a few stunted trees, but there was little else. The whole place seemed eerie and hostile. There was no water to be seen, and without the shade of the forest she was used to living in while in the Valley, the heat felt unbearable.

"Bladestrike...are you coming?" she asked in a dull tone, her voice sounding strained and weak, but whether that was due to exhaustion, or fear, or both, she wasn't completely sure.

A ways behind her, the scyther following her looked up. Nightfang turned to look at him, realizing that the confused look had not left his eyes-and after their brief discussion before setting out to find the others, she knew something was wrong with him. She had already had to remind him of what his name was several times. She was sure it had something to do with the deep jagged wound on his head, and once again she wished she could have been able to ask him where he got it.

"Where are we going?" Bladestrike asked, his voice sounding more scared than Nightfang felt.

"We're going to find any other survivors," she replied, trying to keep as calm as she could. "They'll know what we can do..." She sighed, knowing that that was far from the truth. Their home had been lost, and going to back to the Valley would be suicide.

"Survivors?" Bladestrike asked.

"Yes, survivors! Your friends," she told him, but his expression remained blank. Turning away from him, she kept walking forward. "Just follow me."

At first Bladestrike had been unwilling to trust this strange mightyena-for all he knew she could have been one of the ones that hurt him. However he had chosen to follow her as she seemed to know his name and acted nice around him, and there was something vaguely familiar about her, though it could have just been his imagination. He just wished he wouldn't keep forgetting her name...

It wasn't easy to keep up with her as the frantic mightyena increased her pace, desperate to find some of these "survivors" she kept talking about. Though his leg was injured by a burn and his wings torn, Bladestrike found that that wasn't what was slowing him down-the pain from the wound in his head was far worse.

"What are we looking for?" he called to her. "There's nothing here!"

Nightfang, coming close to panic at being isolated in such a hostile world she knew nothing about, barely noticed the scyther's shout. Bladestrike couldn't defend himself-or her, or even get away if they were attacked. And now that she thought about it...neither could she, but at least she could remember what had happened. She worried that if Bladestrike became more afraid or lost trust in her he might run straight back to the Valley-and be killed.

Not knowing what else to do, the mightyena threw back her head and let out a long, mournful-sounding howl. The other canine pokémon in the Valley would have recognized it as a call for help-and although she wasn't sure any other species would recognize it, it might alert others to her location.

But then again, it might alert enemies too...

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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