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Default Re: Supernatural RP Sign Ups

Originally Posted by scalec View Post
I'll try...I've never seen the show, so I might not be very good.

Name: Louis (prounonced Loo-ee)

Age: 17

Good or Evil: Good

Appearance: As Louis is a wolf demon and psychic hybrid (Is that possible on the show? If not, I'll change it), he has shaggy hair and pointed ears. His teeth are sharp and pearly white, accenting his sharp, yellow eyes. For clothes, he wears black, white, and grey camo pants and a tight, white long sleeved shirt. Oh, and he has a tail.

When in wolf form (again, possible?) he is two times the size of a regular wolf and snow white. He can use powers from psychic, but they are extremely weak so he chooses to use wolf powers.

Personality: Somewhere between happy and silent. Louis trys to keep to himself, because he hates getting attached to people, but somehow always ends up in a group. When alone or angry, more of his wolf self shows, and he is reserved and cold. But if someone persists long enough, he turns out to be nothing more then a big puppy, waiting for attention and forming emotional bonds. If asked about this, he'd say something like, "My mind and my heart just don't agree with eachother."

History: Long ago when Psychics and Demon were still at wore, two from opposite sides, a female wolf demon and male psychic, fell in love. They ran away from the war, and became a couple. In time, they had a child, Louis. Realizing soon that a hybrid such as Louis would become a target, the family went into hiding.

As much as his parents tried, Louis was left alone at 9 when they were murdered by both Demons and Psychics. Whenever he dreams, he constantly sees his parents fighting for him and slautered, and it never stops.

Louis somehow got out of the whole ordeal unscathed, though he will never know how. Since then he has roamed the forests and the world, living as best he can.


it's not what happens in the show but it sounds so good. we will keep it. that can be a major twist in the story. the hunters wont know anything about that supernatural species so it should be interesting. your diffidently accepted
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