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Default Re: Supernatural RP Sign Ups

Originally Posted by Sonji View Post
Sign ups:

Name: Kenny

Age: 18

Good or Evil: good, hunter, one of the physic children


Personality: Kenny doesn't trust anyone easily. He is a laid back person and tries to get the job done. Kenny prefers to work alone. He doesn't want to be responsible for anyone's life. He doesn't want someone else's blood on his hands. He keeps to himself and will get threw anyone who tries to get in his way.

History: Kenny grew up in a small town. His parents were hunters. His mother was the original hunter when she was a teenager. She taught Kenny's father, her husband, everything she could. Then when they had Kenny, they taught him everything that they knew. When Kenny was sixteen, his parents got killed during a hunt. They were both killed by a few demons. Now Kenny is on his own, no parents, no friends. All he has is his old car and ways to get around. Kenny has fake credit cards so he can go from motel and motel, and get his jobs done.

Other: He has a special pentagram symbol tattoo on the right side of his chest so he cant be possessed by demons.

nice sign up, your accepted.
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