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Default Supernatural RP Sign Ups

It has been 2 years since Sam and Dean Winchester had killed the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Also they killed off Lilith, the worse demon of them all, Bloody Mary, shape shifters, demons, and a whole lot of other supernatural creatures. Ever since the Winchester boys took out Lilith, along with a few other hunters, the world has been in peace. Not one demon attack had been taken place. Sam, Dean, and all the other hunters in the world had thought that after killing Lilith, the world was a better place. But something had happened.

Hell’s Gates were reopened again, sending the powerful seven deadly sins back into the world. They were so powerful that they were able to turn back the time, having the Yellow-Eyed Demon back, demons, Lilith, everything supernatural that the Winchesters had ever faced. Ruby, a demon that is playing on the good fields with the Winchesters, had sensed that Hell’s Gates were reopened. Ruby quickly went to Sam and told him. The Winchesters were shocked. They didn’t know what to do. This meant that the whole world would be in danger. But, something else had happened.

The psychic children had been around now. Sam is one of the psychic children. The psychic children are people who had demon blood in them. That means that they could move objects with their minds without breaking a sweat. There’s so much more that they can do. So know, Lilith is building up an army full of nasty demons to fight on her side. What’s going to happen to the world now? Is it going to be filled with demon and be destroyed? Or, will the world be saved? You decided. Are you on Lilith’s side? Or on the psychic’s side?

~Follow ALL pe2k rules
~Try not to curse a lot
~There can be romance but keep it PG13
~Be kind to the other role players
~Be sure your posts are at least a paragraph
~No God-Modding
~No Bunnying
~Only join if your going to be dedicated to this rp and not let it die
~Have fun

Sign ups:
Age: (16-21 please)
Good or Evil:
Appearance: picture is fine
Personality: at least three sentences or more
History: at least three sentences or more

~Metal Sonic
~Sir Aaron


My Sign ups:
Name: Ashley

Age: 17

Good or Evil: Good demon like Ruby


Personality: Ashley is a very nice girl. When ever she is on a case now she never gives up. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Ashley and her sister Ruby, who is 21 years old, try to stay in contact with each other. They need to stick together if they want to take down Lilith. It’s a little bit hard for Ashley to make any friends. She doesn’t really trust anyone.

History: Ashley and Ruby are sisters. They both became demons when they started to do witchcraft. They had sold their selves to a demon. Both of them were able to get away from the demon, but becoming demons their selves. Now Ashley and Ruby both have a very special knife. The knife can kill anything that’s supernatural, including demons. Ashley and Ruby had gone their separate ways, both having their knife.

Other: Ashley is a witch. Also she has her special knife that kills anything that's supernatural.

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