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Default Re: Movie Reviews [Warning: Possible Spoilers]

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I was wanting to see this movie so badly and I finally got a chance to and let me say it blew me away. The movie starts out in the early 1900's where a child is born with a old and mangled body as of a 80 year old man. The mother of the child died during birth and once the husband saw his son he was so frightened by it he left it at an old house where elderly people stayed. The movie then shows us the life of Benjamin Button all the friends he met during his lifetime and the love he found.

I think if anyone enjoys movies they would like this film. The CGI is fantastic since you can clearly tell it's Brad Pitt behind the old wrinkled face of Benjamin. Pitt puts on a performance that shows the emotion he used to bring out this character. The movie is a little long it's 159 minutes and some might think it drags in parts, but that's just to develop the characters more throughly. So I recommend this movie to anyone.

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