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Default Re: WAR 2x(3⅔) URPG Section

Week Four, AIM, 3v3, Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items/Helds, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause

-Adam- (Lost Pioneers): Kingdra, Staraptor, Houndoom
Starkipraggy (The Cheerleaders): Machamp, Vaporeon, Scizor

Machamp cut Kingdra's health down to half and Kingdra got Machamp to about 3/4. Machamp then got Staraptor down to half when it switched in as well. Staraptor KO'd Machamp with Brave Bird, though, and Vaporeon came in. It used the recoil from another Brave Bird to its advanatge, and KO'd. It Yawn'd Houndoom, then switched out. However, Houndoom's sleep roll was only 1, so it woke straight away due to Early Bird, and torched Scizor with Flamethrower. Vaporeon was forced back, and, after a bit of stalling, managed to KO Houndoom. Kindra was forced, and finished off with two Dragon Pulse's!

-Adam-: $2000 + 1 point
Strakipraggy: $1000

Me: $2000

Current WAR Salary: $16000
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