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Default Re: WAR 2x(3⅔) URPG Section

AIM Battle

Rules: 3vs3, Revolution; No Held Items, Normal Weather, Normal Terrain Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause

(Nameless Soldiers) AtaroBot's Scizor, Kangaskhan, and Mismagius


(CHEERLEADERS) Starkipraggy's Scizor, Dugtrio, and Vaporeon


Vaporeon got Toxic all over it which ate away its HP, then Mismagius Finished the Job. Starki's Scizor powered up a lot, but Mismagius's Perish Song forced it to switch, giving Ataro's Scizor time to power up and sweep the rest of Starki's team.

Ataro: $2,000 + 2 points for his team due to Kangaskhan
Starki: $1,000
Me: $2,000
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