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Default DA 2: Peaceful Chaos [SU; In need of a few evil people]

Be warned: The plot.. thing sucks; I fell into braindeadedness. xD;;; Yes, the first Deadly Alliance is still open. I just decided to make this one before it completely died out. xD

.::For every rise, there is a fall. Likewise, for every fall, there is a silent yet chaotic rise.::.


It has been three years since the rise and fall of the Team Rocket organization’s fall. Many lives were damaged, others were utterly destroyed. All known regions of the Pokemon world suffered from the restraints and harsh reigns that had fallen over them. But through the help of a few choice people, the Rocket organization was overthrown and the reign of terror ended. Peace returned to the regions, and people were once more able to go about their daily lives freely. Everything was back to normal now.. Or so it seemed.

During the few years subsequent to Team Rocket’s downfall, other organizations began to plot their own rise to reign. Team Magma, Team Aqua, and now, even Team Galactic, who has remained dormant over the years, have now decided that it’s their time. The peace of the Pokemon world is threatened once again, though it is currently unknown. The ambitions are currently unknown as well, though it could be rumored that each hopes to achieve the power that Team Rocket previously possessed. A few ‘rumors of war’ have leaked out within the regions, though the news has fallen on deaf ears. But for every non-believer, there is likewise a believer also, and that is where you come in.

.::Your Role::.
Team Magma, Aqua and Galactic have begun plots to overthrow the Pokemon world. Though these ambitions are shadowed and not believed by most, you are one of the few that knows it’s going to happen. It is your duty to seek them out and destroy their plan(s) before they’ve a chance to fully be put into action. Whether you choose to be a double agent for your task, or just a blunt rebel, you must put a stop to the oncoming reign of terror.

.::Characters in reserve::.
((based on who was last active in previous roleplay))

You can, of course, add and remove characters.

.::Characters in Need of a Roleplayer::.

1) No bunnying (unless given permission)
2) No godmodding
3) Try to keep language low; I don’t want the characters cursing like sailors.
4) Romance is allowed, yes, but nothing that would be considered R-rated. Same for violence; allowed, but nothing extremely gory.
5) If you sign up for this roleplay, please try and remain active.. I can’t even count how many of my roleplays have died for lack of activity.
6) Spelling and grammar is required here, so please make sure yours is at least half decent.
7) All posts much be at LEAST three sentences. (excluding OOC)
8) To let me know that you’ve read the rules, please include ‘RAWR’ somewhere in your SU. (xD)
9) Have fun!

.::Sign Up::.

Name: (your character’s name)
Age: (no younger than 14, please)
Gender: (male/female)
Personality: (your character’s attitude and outlook on life; 5+ lines, please)
Appearance: (pictures accepted; for descriptions please use at least 3 lines)
Alliance: (yes, you have the option of joining Magma, Aqua or Galactic. Leaders of each do need to be taken)
Status: (rebel or adversary? Needed even if on a team; it’s possible to be a double agent)
Pokemon: (up to 6; no legendaries. Shiny Pokemon and Fakemon are allowed)
History: (optional; not really needed for anyone in previous roleplay, unless you want to update)
Other: (anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else)

I’d like to get a decent amount of each (Magma, Aqua, Galactic, rebels) before we start, but if we fail to do so, I’ll start anyway and just try to recruit others as we go along. If one of the mentioned teams doesn’t get enough members (or any at all), it will be removed from the list and taken out of the roleplay. Hopefully, that won’t have to happen. For now, I’d like to get about three for each, so we can start out evenly, though I know that wouldn’t be much to start off with.

Also, there is no limit to how many characters you can create/have, just try and keep them all at least semi-active. Brothers, sisters, cousins, distant relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. of one of the characters already included is also allowed, just make sure it’s alright with whoever owns the character first.

.::Current Characters::.
Ash, Shinji, Rin & Hikari ~ DarkAmethyst
Devan, Gary & Cyrus ~ ashketchum
Lorielle, Aaron, Cory, Brett, Maxie & Sabrina ~ Entei_3000
Sarayn & Kami ~ ID Saraibre Ryu
Crystal, Stephanie, Katarzyna & Seth ~ Crystal Momoyia
Feyr ~ Grsspkmnmaster
Flora, Nicole, Nova & Cyan ~ Moonlit Dreams
Aero ~ Poke Master
Mike ~ funnyguy91
Crystal ~ White Wolf of the Snow
Shadow & Alran ~ Dragonspawn_X
Jack ~ kentucky_fried_torchic
Henry ~ Chaos_Control
Lief ~ plugger
Chris ~ DemonCharizard

Team Magma

Team Aqua
Archie (In need of new RPer)

Team Galactic




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