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Default 20- The Tan Tank


You don’t.

The truck landed off the road, on some grass before a mild forest. Various equipment and Pokemon items were strewn about. The entire back storage was pressed in, like a tube of used toothpaste. The windows were cracked, and the front wheel axle was strewn to pieces, while the left door was forced shut in such a way that it wouldn’t open. The impact of the hit sent the entire truck spinning in a manner that effectively wouldn’t damage the seating or passengers up front. Kangaskhan couldn’t attack there, for fear she may hurt her baby by accident.

Uriel is the first out of the truck, carrying Jack and setting him against the front tire. He feels his head swelling, dizzy, trying to focus his eyes by rubbing them. Jack moans with his eyes closed behind a pair of twisted sunglasses.

Dizzily, baby Kangaskhan rolls out of the truck, plopping to the ground. A few yards away, mother Kangaskhan is sniffing and searching for her lost baby. Wide eyed, having not seen his mother for a year, the baby waddles quickly to her. The mother feels a comfortable hug on her leg, sensing her offspring, and gladly hugs back with a mild grunt.

This reunion is just as wonderful as Dragonair and her two Dratini. Jack never imagined he’d make such a difference today; not just for himself, but for the city and the Pokemon alike. He felt like crying, but is too shocked from the crash for emotions. All he wants to do is get out of here.

“I’m glad someone is enjoying the moment,” Uriel states, still shaken up, grabbing his duffle bag out of the truck. “You ready to go...”

Jack shouts, pointing at him, “Look out behind you!”

A quick turn reveals mother Kangaskhan charging at them. In this sudden surprise attack, there’s no way to react.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Kangaskhan slides as a rush of invisible claws rake her chest. An indent lands in the grass, hiding the blue bolt from sight. The invisible Pokemon, Lavish, shouts out....


Lavish the Kecleon, 007. From the time they entered, to the time they left, he was in charge the entire time. And anything that happened, he caused it. Only one part of the plan changed, and that was meeting Kangaskhan. Remember that little conversation between them when they first met?

Kecleon: *So, I hear you need to get inside. I can help you!*

With Kangaskhan agreeing to enter, he now had a better distraction. This was a covert mission, and Kangaskhan was the bait. If Jack was ever found, they’d be too worried about the big brute.

When infiltrating enemy territory, the first thing to do is gain Intel. By using the air ducks, he could easily move through the building to find key rooms and items. Uriel could move around freely, so he helped Jack first. And it’s while moving around the ducks that he learned about X-K1 in the lab, among other Pokemon in Pokeballs in other rooms.

Before meeting Kangaskhan outside, he ran into Uriel. He pointed on his map to wait outside, crudely drawing a picture of a car. The bouncer understood, but first had to talk to the boss.

Kecleon: *I can take you to your son. Let me be your eyes.*

And thus, mother Kangaskhan rushed in, bulldozing anything in the way. The plan was to lead her to the basement, then find Jack and lead him safely out.

The only thing Lavish didn’t predict, was Jack’s compassion for Kangaskhan’s situation. The mission was accomplished. The escape vehicle was waiting. Why did that Trainer have to save a Pokemon that wasn’t part of the mission? Every agent knows there will be unavoidable casualties.

*End Flashback*

And now, it all made sense. Watching the reunion, and feeling responsible for allowing it, left him with a sense of satisfaction. It’s a warm feeling of companionship he hasn’t felt for a long time.

“Keccc lle le leonn!” screams back.

“She’s too powerful. Kecleon is untrained.” Jack says, wiping his clothes as he stands.

“Yes, but a punch is only as strong if you can see what you’re hitting.”

But something didn’t seem right. There’s something about Kangaskhan... her one half closed eye... the foggy hazel glistening of her eyes... the way she stares without blinking minutes apart... and the frantic sniffing with her nose.... the twitching ears.... It wouldn’t matter if Kecleon is visible or not...

“She’s blind....”

A paw slices down, forcing the blue bolt jumping into the air. A second paw slices the air, shooting Lavish like a blue lightning bolt around the ground. The claws indent in his back, causing him to revert back to normal visibility.

While Uriel tends to his Pokemon, Jack grabs a Pokeball. This is a different situation than the one he experienced earlier. Perhaps she’s also lost sight of the human heart, and that there are good people out there. He’d like to avoid this battle, and there’s little chance talking will do any good. She still looks rather enraged.

Magneton pops out. A quick thick Thunder lands across the beasts body, but not as effective as it should have. Running into the electric fence must have gave her skin extra resistance. She lunges forward, not smelling any enemy Pokemon nearby (since metal doesn't have an oder). Magneton floats to her side, sending another juicy electric bolt. Feeling the direction of the attack, Kangaskhan swings a punch out; missing, but very close.

“She’s not tiring. Try Thunder Wave to stop her.”

A mild numbing blue jolt courses through her body, sparking tiny zips of electricity around her. Unamused, she concentrates her body strength, as if lifting 100 tons, and breaks the paralyzing grip.

“Whoa... no way!”

The mother moves her concentration to her ears, listening for the Pokemon’s movement. No footsteps, but a faint electrical humming is heard. She turns around and reaches out to the exact spot Magneton is floating. Grabbing the hunk of junk, she slams it into the ground, following it up with a metallic crunch sounding punch.

Jack is quick to line up his Pokeball to return.... when Kangaskhan switches her target to him again. Lavish and Uriel are off to the side, and there’s no time to grab another Pokemon...

*Oof!* The bulky beast is hit back by a long tail.

“Bawoo!!” Dragonair swoops down. She glares back at Kangaskhan, as if saying ‘Don’t mess with my family.’

Jack presses his back against the ruined truck, holding his hand over his chest. “Oh man, I don’t know how much more of this I can handle.”

She senses the new foe, a frosty smell of ice and strength. A punch slices forward, but only missing the agile bending of Dragonair. She counters by jabbing her horn into the weak plated belly. Dragonair swoops under the legs of Kangaskhan, slashing her glowing Iron Tail at the legs. Kangaskhan keels over momentarily.

Dragonair continues the assault, wrapping her thin body around the huge Pokemon. In a miraculous feat, she manages to lift Kangaskhan off the ground. Five feet, ten feet, even twenty feet up. And as much as she struggles, the tighter Dragonair holds on. Then, with an overhead twist of her body, she launches the tan tank straight down. *CRUNCH!*

She continues soaring circularly, opening her mouth. No bright light for a Hyper Beam, but a surge of pulsating water. Kangaskhan, still lying down and breathing heavily, enjoys the soothing feel of the water, almost feeling refreshed. However, it’s short lived when the next attack starts. Her mouth opens again, this time with a rush of cool air and ice. And when combined with water... Kangaskhan popsicle! She sits on the ground, frozen, with a final look of desperation on her face.

Dragonair soars back to Jack’s side, happy to see him safely outside.

“Thank you Dragonair.”

A sudden collection of whirling sirens drive down the street behind them, toward the laboratory. The police are arriving. Only one cop car stops at the scene, with a familiar face stepping out.

“Jack, catch now!” Uriel tosses over a small bag of unused tan Pokeballs. They must have fallen out of the truck.

He picks one up, understanding it has to be done. “Ahh!” The baby Kangaskhan jumps at his leg, biting him. Surprised, he wildly throws the Pokeball away, kicking his leg to release the baby. The tan Pokeball falls, striking the baby in the back, which sucks him up! Still kicking his leg, he accidentally kicks the wiggling airborne ball away.

At the same time, ice particles shatter through the air. Kangaskhan released herself from her icy tomb. The fire in her heart, to protect what she has regained, is certainly burning brightly today. But the stress and panting on her face indicates this is her last attempt. Such endurance!

*Gabeen!* (sound of jaw dropping)

Dragonair soars forward, wrapping around herself like a breakfast roll. She uncoils quickly, using the velocity of her glowing tail to strike hardest upon Kangaskhan’s helmet plate. She bobbles and wobbles back and forth, until finally falling forward in defeat.

“Now’s your chance now!”

Jack grabs a second tan Pokeball. “I’ll bring you to a doctor as soon as this is all over.”

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