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Default 20- The Tan Tank

“Hey, hey. Careful with that, it’ll break.” The dock foreman shouts, watching the forklift driver load the last container into one of the three semi-trucks. The forklift parks off to the side, then the driver closes the roll down door from the semi-truck. “Good, this truck can go.”

The big-rig driver gets his signed paper. Impatient to leave, he had the engine already on. And as he lumbers up the ramp to his cabin, the wheels start turning left. A cranking noise jams through his ears, hearing the gears changing. Black exhaust fuels out of the top as the truck shifts into first gear. Gasping, yelling to stop, the driver drops his papers and rushes up. The truck moves up the incline a few feet, before falling in reverse, crashing the back of the trailer into the dock wall. *CRIICKK!!* *SSSHIIIIIISHH!*

Displeased with noises, the foreman stampedes out the door only to see the semi he okay’d moments ago had backed into the rolled-down door. And it isn’t a small dent either. Liquid poured out the end of the trailer, which immediately connected the with the second sharp noise of glass breaking.

“What’s going on?” he yells to the big-rig driver sitting in the cabin.

While the two yell at each other, a forklift outside the building begins moving without a driver. It bounces over the cement block, onto the patchy grass, eventually into the surrounding fence. Electricity sparks, continuously, like a mildly entertaining fireworks show. A little bit later, a large box labeled “super computer” falls out the back of one of the smaller trucks. Whatever is in the box is surely broken now.

A blue bolt zags to the wall. A total of seven workers were outside, trying to control the mysterious situation, everyone blaming another. That’s when Kecleon makes his presence known by slamming into the foreman. Suddenly, there are shouts to ‘follow that... thing’. The zigzag jumps around, until finally ending up on the opposite side of the dock, with everyone’s back turned.

Five minutes were up. Jack moves, looks around the corner, and discovers nobody there. He cann’t help but be reminded from Uriel’s story, about how Kecleon deconstructed the bowling alley construction site. He mildly notices the cameras had been turned away during all the chaos. Eying the door, he runs for it, passing through safely, only to stop once inside. The loading dock is also clear of workers, most likely outside. On his right is a counter and a hallway leading inside the building. Unsure where to go or what to do, he heads down the hall.

Locked. Locked. Key Card required. Oh, how wonderful it would be to find an unlocked door. CLICK Success. He closes the door behind him, relaxing his breath with a sigh of relief. He smiles, opening his eyes. It’s a small break room. Microwave, coffee maker, fridge, a sink and some cupboards. There stood a lone rectangular table, in which two workers were sitting at. They stare at the person whom entered the break room. Jack can only smile uneasily, as his heart beat faster once again.


Meanwhile, Uriel is on the other side of the building, first level. He had just stepped out of an empty file room, not finding what he wanted. He continues on down the halls, looking for the next room. With his low level clearance, he had access to a variety of basic rooms, but nothing majorly important.

At the guard station, he mentioned that he needed a car to go save a member of the gang. But they only said he had to get inside quickly. He continued to plead his case, but only those with permission from the boss would be able to leave today.

“Hey hey, it’s the bouncer. Who would have thought you got out of there, eh?” A worker stumbles into his path.

“Yes, I was lucky today now.”

“Is that so? You should go see the boss. I think he’s in his office on the second level.”

“Oh, thank you now.”

“Heh. Take care, bouncer..... now. Hehe.” The mocking worker stumbles away.


He is caught! It’s over, no going home, no more adventures, no more Pokemon. It’s the end of the game and he is out of restarts. The last frame of bowling a perfect game, and the ball gutters. It’s as if he accidently threw in a red shirt with his white laundry... ruining everything.

“Wow man, you look flustered. What’s wrong?” The male worker asks.

He quickly hides Paul’s mallet behind his back, hoping they hadn’t seen it. “Oh... uh, ahem... you know... all this work.... it’s just so tiring....”

“I hear you man, deep. Nothing like a little overtime, right?” He glances at the clock on the wall. “Speaking of the devil, we have to get back. Come on.”

The female worker sighs, “Alright. But this time I go first.” First at what? Use you’re imagination!

As soon as they leave, the door is locked. Jack slumps into a chair with a huge sigh of relief, resting the mallet on the white table. But, now what? He still had no idea where to go. No idea where Lavish or Uriel have gone. This isn’t as easy as he thought.

The radio buzzes... “Report. Bzzztttt.... This is Station 0. We have reports of a Pokemon breaching our fence..... bzzzttt... at the dock. This Pokemon has escaped into our air ducts, wearing some sort of backpack. Main Station, report.”

“This is Main Station. I saw nothing on the camera screens. It may have snuck under one of the trucks when they came in.”

“Station 1 report..... bzzzttt.... Station 1, please report.”

This is when he realizes that might be him. Sure enough, on the radio is a number one. “Uh... this is Station 1. Everything was clear.”

“Station 2 report.”

“This is Station 2. Nothing unusual to report.”

“Understood. The reports also indicate the electric fence was taken out. A perimeter squad will be dispatched shortly until repairs can be made. Stations 1 and 2 are to be on full guard. Out.”

He waited for a sign. Something. Anything. Nothing. He fears going out, getting lost, and being caught. What would they do? They wouldn’t kill him, would they? No, no. They’d probably take his Pokemon and tie him up. That’s what happens to everyone else in these situations. At least, the ones that make it out alive....

*TING* A metal plate falls from the wall and a purple Pokemon pops out from the vents. It’s Lavish the Kecleon. Jack is relieved once again. Kecleon opens his fanny-backpack, which is stuffed with various items pilfered from the premise. He rolls out a long blue paper, showing the floor plans of the entire building. How he managed to get that, Jack would never know. But now he has a sense of direction, and knew where he needed to go. Kecleon points to two destinations: Room 217 on level 1, and a large lab room in the basement. The next gift is a gold key card. Gold Clearance.


Level 1 hallways were always so boring and simple. Some posters or paintings, perhaps even a window and some plants would certainly give the place a more homely feel. But the company stuck with white plastered walls and ceilings. Money was better spent on nice cars and abusing Pokemon. Uriel often wished he earned more money, so he can at least afford better meals for himself and Lavish. Maybe even upgrade his living conditions.

The stairs were just down the final hall, when a familiar face stops him. Black crew cut hair, red bandana around his head, and grey camo shirt and khaki pants. The Rambo wannabee, and Paul’s partner: Claude. “Look who we have here. Uriel Dawson, isn’t this a surprise.”

“Good day to you Claude. Yes, I am quite glad to have gotten out. But I regret I could not protect everyone now.”

“Yes. Paul was always foolhardy being in public. Tell me, what happened?” He is told how a kid came in causing trouble and tore the place apart with a Pokemon battle. No other information is provided as to whom or the whereabouts of the kid. “Hmm, I see. If you saw this kid again, you could point him out right?” The bouncer nods. “Good. Go see the boss. Once you’re done, I want you to stick with me for a bit.”

“Yes sir now.”

No smile from the small man, as he pats the bouncer on the back. He opens a door and shuts it greatly. Room 217. Knowing Jack may eventually find his way here, to exact justice to Claude, Uriel hurries up the stairs, to the serene view of Level 2.


The guard at Station 1 muffles through his tie tied mouth. A largely staggering Pokemon gravitates to the little booth, bending its fat head down to look inside. Not sensing any danger, it snorts loudly and proceeds forward.


Jack swipes the gold key card into the elevator, which opens up a button for the basement. No elevator music. :( The ride down is quiet, except for the ping sound as the metallic doors slid open. The lab is only a right and a left turn away. The walls were lined with see through windows to rooms that once held any number of science equipment. But today they were mostly cleaned out. Only dirty tables, counters, and broken chairs remained. Everything here must have been packed already. On the final turn...

“Hey... who are you?” a female voice boasts from behind. She is tall and had on a tan coat. A scientist? She scans the nervous stranger, eying the bowling shoes. “Oh, you must be from the bowling alley. I heard what happened there. But regardless, you aren’t allowed down here.”

“Uh... well, I was, uh, given permission to find something... for, uh, the boss.” Jack shows the gold key card.

“I see. Hang on.” She whips out a cell phone, hitting a few buttons. But before she can finish, something wacks her head, causing her to collapse. She’s out. Kecleon reappears shortly after.

He thanks the lizard for his impeccable timing, but mentions that he will be fine on his own. The Pokemon nods and dives into the nearest air duct.

B-Lab 1

This particular lab is larger than the closed off rooms and didn’t have any windows to see through. Most of the lab appears to have not been packed up, as if waiting for something. Machines are on, lights are flashing, and tests looked like they are still being continued. Along the right wall lay a line of cages, stacked five high and ten deep. They are no bigger than a regular Pokemon, say a Charmander. On the other wall are three large cages, which appear to hold larger Pokemon, say a Charizard. But instead of metal bars, they are blocked by a golden energetic shield barrier. On the left, in front of these large cages, behind a desk, there’s a tip tap of typing on a computer. And it isn’t a simple type, but furious and quick. He can see the top of someone’s hair- brown hair. Suddenly it rose, and Jack ducks.

The person is talking on a cell phone. “Corban, I’m estimating about two hours before we’re finished with the experiment. I’m amazed she continues to resist this long, but she is no match for science.”

“Wonderful news Destiny. The sooner, the better. I’ll send some people down in a bit.... Oh... what’s that you say.... well, send him on in..... Excuse me dear, but there’s someone at the door for me.”

Why did Kecleon point out this lab? What is so special? Jack peaks over the table. The person is a woman, brunette, tiny glasses, and very pretty. She wore a white lab coat over a tan coat and a green ribbon in her hair. She had her back turned, so Jack moves to the next row of tables to hide behind. From here, he can see the three jails on the left more clearly. Empty. Empty. Occupied. Only one cell has the gold field up, with a Pokemon curled in the middle. A long Pokemon. A blue Pokemon. One with white wings on its head and a bubbly navy blue tail. By the luck, it is mother Dragonair. But on her head is a metallic helmet, blinking red, with a wire connecting through the wall into the computer the female scientist had been typing at.

Hearing the part about ‘experiment’, Jack yells out. “What are you doing to her?”

She is frightened by the sudden voice of anger. “What? Who are you?” The she notices the item he’s holding. “And what are you doing with Paul’s mallet?

“I’m here to save the friend that you took away from me and her children.” Letting his emotions take over, he runs to the wall and slides his gold key card into the slot next to the cell. It blinks, and the field disintegrates.

“No, stop. You’ll break the cycle.”

Jack brings out a Pokeball, pointing it to her as she steps forward. “Don’t even think about it.” His eight legged freaky spider Pokemon pops out. “Tie her up if she comes any closer” He steps into the cell.

“No, no no no...” Destiny circles around the room, thinking she can get by Ariados, but with no success. A warning shot is fired at her.

Dragonair’s long body is coiled like a snake. She looks asleep or unconscious and makes no effort to move when Jack enters.

“Hello. Dragonair, it’s me, Jack. Remember? We met at Dragon’s Den a couple months ago.” But she remains in a state of euphoria. It must be the helmet. “How do I remove this thing?

“You can’t, you’ll interrupt the process.” She heads back to the desk with the computer. “Please stop, you’re ruining my work.”

He steps out, “Yea, well, you ruined the lives of two little Dratini. I don’t care what you are doing, I’m setting her free.”

“No no. This is a very difficult process of control we’re testing... you can’t....”

The radio in Jack’s pocket buzzes. “Bzztt... Perimeter 3 here. X-K2 has been spotting within the grounds. Repeat. X-K2 has breached..... Bzztt....”

“This is Station 0. Are you there Perimeter 3? Please respond.”

“Perimeter 4 responding. Confirming the report. The Kangaskhan is directly at the entrance of the building. There appears to be a smaller Pokemon assisting it. It may be the one that snuck in earlier. Huhhh! Huhh... In pursuit.... phew....”

“Understood. Code 14 is in effect. All available personnel will be dispatched.”

Soon, a wailing siren overtakes the air. A red swirling light lit up next to the lab door. Lucky for them, the siren from outside didn’t reverberate loudly in the basement. Shortly over the loud speaker, Code 14 is announced.

Jack pushes the scientist out of the way. She steps back, helpless and unable to do anything with Ariados guarding him. At the desk, there is nothing to understand. Number and equations were everywhere, using high tech logical expressions and scientific terms that he had no idea about. But there is one way to solve the problem, which is the easiest thing that anyone can do: cut the power. He pulls plugs from the computer, and the various nearby machines. With each pull, the scientist gasps wanting to stop him, almost breaking out in tears from watching.

A slight rustling can be heard from the cell... “Bbb.... Baawooo?!.... BOOOOWOOO!!” Dragonair gracefully soars out, pulling and knocking over equipment with the wires still attached to her head. One, then another wire snaps as the pressure becomes too much. Another large bellow erupts, shaking the room.

The female scientist reaches into her coat pocket. Her tiny glasses flood with tears. “I’ve worked too long and hard. Do you know how revolutionary it would be if we can control any Pokemon we wanted. The future of training would be forever changed, thanks to me.”

“You’re delusional, miss. That’s what being a Trainer is all about. Working hard and training your Pokemon, earning their respect to battle for you. What about their emotions, their feelings? Those matter more than winning a battle. Gaining a Pokemon’s trust is one of the hardest things a Trainer can accomplish.”

The last of the wires snap, releasing Dragonair from captivity. She wildly wiggles her snake-like body, knocking desks and equipment around. Ariados jumps to the shortened part of the ceiling, hanging by sticky threads.

A cell phone rings next to the computer, but no one hears it with the siren and Dragonair rampaging about. Destiny brings out a small hand-held device, pointing it at Dragonair, sending an electrical impulse through her via the helmet, which is now blinking green. Much to Jack’s surprise, she calms down, eyes solemnly staring at the scientist and other Trainer.

What did she do? Must be that device.

“I’m sorry to have to do this to you kid, but my years of work will not end like this. Now, watch the control over any Pokemon, as I have her destroy the one attempting to rescue her. Attack this intruder!” A short impulse is shot through, forcing Dragonair to understand and obey.

Jack panics, ducking as a massive Iron Tail swings over him. His shouts go unheard, his face goes unrecognized. He dives behind a table as it is knocked away. Ariados leaps from the ceiling, halting the next attack by blocking it with webbing. The spider wouldn’t hurt her, as instructed, but only protect and defend. Jack surprises the scientist, whom had quickly grabbed her cell phone off the desk. The device is in plain sight, so he attempts to snatch it.... but they are unaware that Ariados had been hit hard by a devastating Dragonbreath. The Pokemon knocks both humans over, throwing the device across the room, which instantly breaks open upon hitting the solid ground floor.

“No, you fool. She’ll go out of control.”

Feeling weak, Jack bravely stands. Ariados steps next to him, with a wounded leg. The spider points to his Trainer’s Pokemon Belt. Another Pokemon? Yes, good idea. And then he feels stupid for not having thought of it in the first place. This is the only reason he brought them.



The two Dratini, whom he had kept and cared for two months, ever since Dragonair was taken away, were let out onto the cold floor. Immediately, they recognized their own mother, even through the rage filled eyes of disgust. “Baw... oooooo??!” The two Dratini, brother and sister, slither to their mother, wide eyed with smiling faces, cooing gently. And she did nothing but remain still; frozen in thought.. Until a single tear rolled down the blue face, and a smile curled upward. The light on the helmet went from green, back to red.

Destiny stands back up, straightening her two coats to normal. She wipes her eyes, not believing what she had just witnessed. “Fascinating. Who knew a parental bond could break such control.” Technology has lost to family instinct and behavior.

Dragonair nuzzles her little babies, wrapping Jack up for a hug as well. The reunion is short lived when a metal door lowers and blocks the exit into the lab. The room shakes, forcing ceiling plates loose, softly crashing below, followed by a shattering crash above. Something is going on upstairs.

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