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Default Re: What is your opinion on apathy?

You are very clearly not apathetic. Apathy means that you have no care for anything with regards to a topic. In my example, Canadians are apathetic to the political situation at hand because they all suck. In your example, you aren't apathetic because you're very much clearly against Democrats. That is, you care about the political situation, and that political situation is not to your liking.

I guess I did not explain my apathy very well. I very soberly understand what apathy means. I prefer the definition, "lack of interest".

No, I am not an antagonist of the Democratic party, or other liberals. I'm not really a Republican myself; it's just a general presumption of most people. I do not like McCain myself. I consider myself somewhat apathetic, because I do lack interest, because both candidates, both Obama AND McCain, in my opinion, suck.

The recent federal election didn't "damage your opinions". Your opinions (that is, your negativity towards Democrats in general) are as strong as it is in the past. What it did do is telling you that things don't always work out to your favor. Perhaps you feel that this means that the US may not turn out to your favor as well. Your hesitation isn't unfounded, of course, and there is nothing wrong with how you feel in this regard either, considering your disposition. One thing is certain though: this election probably has little outcome in determining whether or not the country would be doomed or not. Even if McCain is in office, he'd have the same problems Obama will be having, and would likely have not done any different about the economy as Obama.
Due to your lack of empathy, and the personality trait you posses that makes you love to make everyone that you assume/presume to be against your thoughts look like an idiot, you do not quite understand my situation. Yes, the recent election has done some damage to my opinions. Maybe the word "damage" wasn't quite the right word; maybe transformed would be a better word for perfectionists.

No, of course things did not turn out in my favor, no. But that was due to the fact that the media has warped opinions of the people of the US. For example; most of the the armed forces of the United States of America are conservative. They do not have the media telling them what has happened on a day to day basis. One thing is for certain. Our media has a lot of bias. The armed forces' media is not biased, or has little bias.

As I said, if you have to blame someone for the election, blame Palin. She singlehandedly destroyed all hope for the McCain campaign in swing states.
Not singlehandedly. The media loves to destroy conservatives that aren't McCain or the governor of California. Why? Those two call themselves Republican, but aren't, really.

By the way, this thread is not about MY opinions. It is about apathy. Do you tolerate it or not?
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