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Default Re: [SU]When Two Worlds Combine - Pokémon and Naruto[SU] Need Canon Naruto RPers

~Crystal's Sign Up Sheets Part Two~
Name: Stephanie Shantez
Gender: female
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Stephanie is a happy, full of energy person. She likes to have a good time. Otherwise, she focuses on her training. Her main goal is to beat her lifetime friend and rival, Crystal, because she's always come up second to her. But before being strong rivals, she feels like she has to be a strong friend first or you could lose that friendship.
Pokémon or Naruto: Pokémon
Profession/Rank: Master Trainer and Master Coordinator

Espeon, female

Feraligatr, male

Fearow, male

Furret, female

Ho-oh, male

Seviper, male

Milotic, female

Jirachi, male

Bibarel, male

Roserade, male
  • some would say that she's Crystal's long lost twin
  • still has a slight crush on Crystal
Name: Keynoma Momoyia
Gender: female
Age: 22
Sexual Orientation: Strait

Personality: Keynoma has the down-to-earth attitude. She likes to look at the facts and not the nonsense in things. She's very intellegent, and very strong-willed. She takes the big sister role very seriously, even looking out for Crystal's friends. Ever since the death of the Momoyia sisters' parents, she has become very responsible now being the oldest Momoyia. She really cares for her younger sisters, and would risk her life for them.
Pokémon or Naruto: Pokémon
Profession/Rank: Researcher, Breeder, Shiny Trainer, ex-Master Trainer

Ninetales, female

Blastoise, male

Pidgeot, female

Tyranitar, male

Gardevoir, female

Zangoose, male

Regirock, male

Regice, female

Registeel, male

Garchomp, male
(Yes, all of her Pokémon are Shinies)
  • is Crystal's older sister by five years
Name: Kristen Momoyia
Gender: female
Age: 12 (I know I'm breaking me own rule, but now I'm gonna say 10+)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious

Personality: Kristen is a dreamer. She likes to practice her combinations and compete in Contests. She also looked up to Crystal and Stephanie, more so since she watched to two in Contets. She also turned to Crystal and Keynoma for advice in battles. She is unsure of her sexuality, though. She knows she likes guys, but is unsure if she likes girls or not like Crystal. The only one who knows this is Crystal since Krissie asks her about it. She's too shy to tell Keynoma just yet, even though her eldest sister knows and respects their middle sister's sexual orientation.
Pokémon or Naruto: Pokémon
Profession/Rank: Coordinator


Venusaur, male

Flaffy, female

Marill, female

Armaldo, male

Salamance, male

Manaphy, male

Lopunny, female

Glameow, female

Shaymin, female
  • is Crystal's younger sister by five years
RP Sample: look at the first part of my SUs
Yes, I did decide to punish myself by adding three characters, making a total of six for me. But really, I can't have Crystal without her sisters and Stephanie. What happened to Seth Black you may ask? Well, let's say he finally got what he deserved, or more like Crystal sent him flying and he never came back.
Crystal Momoyia

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