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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Here's my idea for another story, that I hope will have sequels, but I need feed back on the plot right now.

During the beginning of the world, there were two Gods. There was Jaden, God of Chaos and War, and there was Arcana, Goddess of Time and Peace. Together, the two Gods began making mankind. Eventually, mankind gained emotions, and sided with either God. This eventually sparked a war, that the Gods themselves could not end. The Gods then came up with two weapons, formed out of the soul. Jaden created the Blade of Jaden, a long sword that could control darkness and light through the use of Spirit Energy. Arcana created a close range weapon known as the Arc. The Arc is a like a glove with golden spikes formed on it. It looks basically like a golden claw, that can be used to cut through elements, and even time, through the use of spirit energy.

The two Gods gave these weapons to humans that were truly pure. It would then be up to them to stop the war. The two humans delivered on their half, and stopped the war. They were promised every desire. With everything they wanted, the two humans had nothing to do but argue, and the only thing they had to argue about is who was stronger. The two humans began dueling to find the answer. Eventually, it was realized that both of them were evenly matched. With nothing else they could do, the human with the arc gathered up all the energy he had left, and cut a rift into the sky. The other human was sucked in, and teleported to the other side of the world. The human with the Arc, believed he was the victor and began a family, centered around the Arc. The human with the Blade did the same.

Millions of years later, the two humans have died and the weapons have been passed down from generation to generation. The weapons have been used by only those who are considered to pure, and to ensure that, the clans only consist of four different families. The human who willed the Arc's family was supposed to have a boy that was going to use the Arc, however, he was murdered by someone in the clan. For that reason, the Arc would have to go to another family. This disrupted the pattern of how the Arc was passed down. The people of the clan believed that this would result in the destruction of the clan, since the Arc has been lost. That would mean that someone who is impure would find it, and that would bring upon the downfall of the clan, and the downfall of the clan would mean the end of the world, unless the impure one can save the clan.

Now the impure one who will be the main character has the Arc, and must either save the world, or destroy the clans and that's basically the plot.

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