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Default Re: Poke TV

Name: Defahn

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light brown hair slightly covering a black ribbon tied around her head. Light teal eyes. Wears a light blue shirt, regular blue jeans, white worn-down shoes, and a dark orange bookbag. Also includes a blue necklace, and brown fingerless gloves.

Personality: She is very friendly and talkative, but usually tries to concentrate on the task at hand. She does have a wild side, hiding in trees and bushes, and sneaking up on people to either get a laugh or to getthe upperhand with a sneak attack.

History: Defahn was raised in Pallet Town all her life. Not in the same house, due to a fire destroying her old home when she was three, traumatizing her for life. She has grown a fear of fire types, and will do anything in her power to avoid one. Other than that, she has lived a quiet life surrounded by Pokemon. When she turned fifteen, she was given a letter from Prof Oak to start an adventure with Pokemon, and has decided to take it.

Starter Choice: Squirtle
Level: 5
Tail Whip
Nature: Mild
Gender: Male

RP Sample: "Hey mom! I'm going to go outside for a bit!" I yelled, already going.

The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day. I was going to go play with the wild Pokemon in Route 1. But something was odd. I could sense it. A trainer had come for some reason, most likely to go to Cinnabar Island for the gym challenge. He had one Pokemon out.

A Charizard.

My mind instantly flashed back to the fire that destroyed my old home when I was a little girl, and without thinking, I jumped into a tree like a Mankey, screaming.

The trainer paid no mind to my behavior and went to the ocean, calling out his Rhydon and returning the Charizard to its Pokeball. He got on the rock monster's back, and it happily dove into the water and started to surf downwards, toward Cinnabar Island, as I had predicted.

I climbed out of the tree, slightly embarrased with myself for doing that. At any rate, I proceeded to go to route 1 and played with the flocks of wild Pidgey and Rattata that lived there.

Click on the eggies and hatchies or they will die.
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