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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP- open again)

Johnny was put against a wall when he arrived at the school. Soon after his arrival, Shiro and Tyson also arrived. Johnny tried to get up, but his body wouldn't let him. The battle with the robots had left him pretty tired. Then, Shiro told her Pokemon to stall. Though Johnny wanted to tell his Pokemon the same, they seemed tired. However, they walked up to him and then looked outside. Johnny understood what they meant.

"You guys are too tired. You should stay here," he said to his three Pokemon.

They shook their heads.

"You guys always were stubborn. Good luck then. Remember, watch each other's backs," sighed Johnny.

The three Pokemon ran outside and began to fight the approaching grunts. Johnny turned to Shiro and Tyson. He saw that Tyson was holding his arm as if it hurt.

"What are we supposed to do? I can't just sit here and let my Pokemon risk their lives," Johnny said.

Then, he released his Chikorita from her Pokeball. She smiled at Johnny.

"Use Aromatherapy on all of us," ordered Johnny.

Suddenly, a pink odor emanted from Chikorita's leaf. The smell went into Johnny's nostrils and he began to feel revitalized. He couldn't fight, but at least he could stand up. He waited for the Aromatherapy to take effect on his friends.
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