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Default Re: FR/LG MonoType Challenge V.1

Originally Posted by hoist_the_colors View Post
I'm attempting fire, which is going to be tough against the Elite 4, but oh well what the heck.

Just beat Cinnabar gym:

1. Charizard - 48
2. Rapidash - 48
3. Arcainine - 48
4. Flareon - 49
How will it be hard?

Oh, here is the moveset I gave to my Charizard when I did a dual run.
Brick Break
Dragon Claw

I also used a Pidgeot:
Aerial Ace
Quick Attack
Mirror Move

That was thebest run I ever did. Too bad I traded Zard away, but I still have Pidgeot. They were in the 70's when I beat them, but I beat it first try. It was awesome! :D
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