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Default Re: Sonic Roleplay - The Chaos Kingdoms

Nazo blinked as the panther suddenly disappeared, and a flash of green passed his eyes. Turning, he saw the cat struggling to get out of Vector's grip, but it was not powerful enough to escape the crocodile. Nazo couldn't help himself, he suddenly was up on his feet and tacking Vector into the wall of the cave, the panther getting up, if a bit wobbly.

"Leave Topaz alone, you ungrateful creature!" Nazo blinked in surprise as he backed up, for one he had named the panther (who at this point was rubbing up against the hedgehog in gratefullness), but also because he cared for this creature. Perhaps it was the sleekness...The agility, the wildness of the panther...Or perhaps it was the sheer loneliness that Nazo had known all his life.

(Sorry about the controlling part )
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