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Default Re: Sonic Roleplay - The Chaos Kingdoms

(Yeah, I'm getting there)

Puffs of air tickled the hedgehog's ears, and after swatting it away several times, he finally awoke, only find himself staring into the amber eyes of a panther. The sleek black cat stepped backwards, cocking its head at the strange figure as he straightened up.

"Well, you sure do know how to wake someone up. I do not suppose this is your cave, is it?" The cat grunted, licking its paws and drawing them over its face. There was something strange about this panther, however, and Nazo couldn't quite place it. The cat stood up, and with a roar, light suddenly erupted from its body.

Yellow spikes ran over its claws like gloves of a sort, and up its legs, and ran from its head to its tail. On the forehead of the panther, a long, amber horn shot out, similar to the unicorns of myth. Nazo blinked.

"You...You swallowed a Chaos Emerald, did you not?" The panther purred, padding up to Nazo and rubbing its head (careful not to impale him with the spear) against his chest. Nazo himself couldn't help but smile as he stroked the cat's head.
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