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Default Re: Sonic Roleplay - The Chaos Kingdoms

Nazo landed gently on a dry patch of grass, just outside the swamp. Swirling his cloak around him and concealing himself, he proceeded into the swamp, picking his way slowly to avoid being sucked in. Further and further he travelled into the swamp, every step becoming harder and the forest, darker. Just when Nazo thought he had to use up precious energy to fly, something sparkled up ahead.

Approaching it, a canopy of gnarled roots kept the sky from being viewed. It would have been pitch black, if not for the clear pond in the middle. Gazing at himself in the pool, he observed that the glowing scar on his forehead, which before had been white, had turned black, with the previous black lines stretching a little farther than before. Using all that energy along with the anger accelerated my condition... This revelation of his scar's darkening revealed why the pain had been worse.
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