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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by TreeckoFan View Post
My idea, nobody steal it...

Short Description:
There are three kids; Marr Elco, Crystal Embonne, and Leonardo Dimn. One day at Marr's house they hear noises in his father's room. They all find a strange creature in it. His name is Zan, one of the "Chosen Ones." He quickly explains to them that they are all Chosen Ones to, and he gets them teleported another dimension (There are tons of dimensions here). In this dimension is the three highest powererd things/aliens in the universe, known as "The Council". They explain to them that they are chosen. Marr askes some questions, the Council tells them the history of what had happened, and tells them about the evil guy named "Shadow Master." He is being driven by the power of evil, and he spreads darkness beings where ever he goes. If they destroy a lot of the darkness beings, he will notice and will stop and wait for them to come, so he can destroy them.

Please tell me what you think and ask some questions if you need to.
Judging from the information you gave, one of the more arrogant young Chosen Ones is probably going to vow to defeat the Shadow Master and take his two friends into it. Is this the main plotline of the story?

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