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Default Re: Movie Reviews [Warning: Possible Spoilers]


It's all about Human Trafficking. A 17-yr-old, Kim, and her friend Amanda, go to France, telling their parents they're looking in museums, when they're really following U2. They get kidnapped and Kim's dad, a retired member of the special service, goes after here.

It's full of action and excitement, it's also a bit sad too. You need to watch the movie to understand it. The cast were really good in this, there were also a lot of clever parts. He spoke to someone on the phone, they said 'Good Luck'. He wrote Good Luck on a piece of paper in Albanian, gave it to the Albanians to translate, and he knew it was them.

So, it's a clever, exciting movie. Full of action and jaw-dropping stunts. It's brilliant.

4/5 It would've gotten more if the move itself was longer.


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