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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP- open again)

((I'm gonna try 1st person to see if I write more))
That was it, I had him on the wall. Now his hand was trying to push me away whereas his other tried to hit me on the side of my head. What was I to do? Either back off and let him get the upper hand, or get punched in the head? I didn't have much time to move out of the way. The fist crashed into the side of me head. I spun and landed on his desk. I felt dizzy now, everything began to blur up. I couldn't be beaten, I needed to avenge my parents. That was it! Their faces, the memories from long ago began to flood into my head. I needed to avenge them, I must avenge them! I pushed myself up and spun around, aiming my fist in his face again. The Kunai was on the floor. I'd have to pick it up after Hizo was hit.

((Wow... much more...))

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