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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP- open again)

Johnny felt something pull him onto its back. Then it started running. As he tried to hold on, he opened his eyes and saw that it was Kiba, Shiro's Houndoom. He smiled, but realized that Shiro must still be back there. He tried to get the Pokemon to go back and help Shiro, but the dog was determined to get him to safety. However, he saw his Pokemon, who had just knocked out some grunts near him and ushered his Pokemon towards him.

"Help Shiro," he said hoarsely.

Charizard soared into the sky with Espeon on his back. Swampert ran as fast as he could below them. When they were over the group of grunts, Espeon jumped off of Charizard's back and landed next to Shiro. She began to growl violently and a wave of telekentic energy knocked the water Pokemon down. Then, Charizard landed breathing fire at all the water Pokemon who opposed him. He put Shiro on his back along with Espeon and began to flap his wings. The grunts and water Pokemon began to get up, but Swampert arrived just in time. He jumped into the air and landed on the ground, causing a huge shock wave that knocked the grunts unconcious. Charizard then swooped in and grabbed Swampert. He began to fly towards the school where Johnny was headed. He passed by Tyson and pointed towards the school, indicating that they had to retreat.
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