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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP- open again)

Shiro sat, panting, on the side of her pond. She looked up and saw the commotion around Johnny. The grunts were hurting him badly, and Shiro growled under her breath. She got up shakily, staggered up behind one of the grunts, and gave him a ferocious punch on the small of the back. He fell down, fighting back tears of pain, and his wartortle flung itself at Shiro. Shiro grabbed it by its shell and flung it into the pond she was left the defeated robot in, before turning to face the other 7 grunts, who turned on her.

Johnny was lying in the middle of the circle, gazing up at the situation with glazed eyes. Shiro quickly released Kiba - her houndoom, from his pokeball. The fire-type dog grabbed Johnny by the scruff of his shirt and flung him onto his back, before racing off back to the school with the 16yr old barely hanging on.

Now Shiro was alone with the grunts. She remembered from her ninja training how she could take them all out at once, but she would probably faint afterwards. Still, she decided to take the risk. Walking calmly into the centre, Shiro suddenly jumped up and swivelled round in mid-air, kicking each man round the face as she went. They all fainted, but their pokemon - all wartortles except one vaporeon and one Marshtomp. Shiro collapsed in the middle, glad that Johnny wasn't in any more danger, and stared unseeing up at the pokemon surrounding her. She was unsure as to whether they'd attack or not - seeing as their masters were unconscious. Shiro slowly slipped into unconsciousness...
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