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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP- open again)

More and more grunts began running towards Johnny and his friends. He was still in his Moltres form, so he shot a long stream of fire that stopped them in their tracks, but from the group of grunts, a large water Pokemon shot a stream of water that soaked Johnny causing him to fall back. Usually it wouldn't have hurt him so much, but he was really tired from the fight with the robot. Before he could do anything, he was surrounded by grunts and their water Pokemon. Johnny's Pokemon were surrounded so that they couldn't help him. The water Pokemon opened their mouths and a streams of ice cold water engulfed Johnny. He yelled out in pain as the water weakened him more and more. He could feel his strength ebbing. Slowly, he began to return to his human form.

As he lay there, semi-unconcious, he wondered what they would do to him. The grunts gave an order to their Pokemon. They all began to charge Hyper Beams, ready to kill the teenager.
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