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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Hmm.. it's rare that I pop in here anymore! Sadly..

But I've been reading The Trial of Juno and I've been inspired to attempt a story of my own. Here's the idea.

I (first person view) am a Team Rocket Agent, sent on a mission to acquire intel from Silph Co. (sup r/b/y) regarding the creation of the only manmade Pokemon - Porygon. But along the way, despite having delivered the info to Team Rocket, I am kidnapped by the KCF (Kanto Crime Force) and force-fed the truth of my ways. After finally being converted to being a KCF Troop, I am sent back into the Rocket organization as a double agent with the mission to acquire as much info as a I can about Team Rocket, along with reacquiring the Porygon intel.

As straightforward as this mission sounds though, being thrown back into the hands of Team Rocket has reignited a fire inside me, and now I must battle with myself over which side to truly join.

It seems confusing right now, I know, but I thought with some polishing, it can be an original idea that has potential. What does everyone else think? Opinions please! :)

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