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Originally Posted by _superboy_ View Post
I remember that people were scared of doomsday on 06/06/06. Nothing happened -_-

Lol, somehow all these dates have a connection with 666. In 06/06/06, it's kind if obvious. For 12/21/12, it would be something like this:

12+21+12=45. 4 + 5 = 9. Turn it upside down. You got 6. There are 3 numbers to make up that equation. That's 3 6's. 3 6's = 666.

Lol. How about 11/11/11. Eleven just seems like a particularly interesting number to me. Or 12/12/12.

Wait. Because there's no 13/13/13, there'll be no end of this world by 2013. And so there'll be none by the end of 2012. Phew! :D
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