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Default Re: DPP Discussion / Question & Answer Thread!

Originally Posted by Teo View Post
BL Pokemon are usually too good for UU but not quite good enough to make it into OU. So they usually sit there in between. So, to actually answer your question. They do count towards UU teams as well as OU teams.
I disagree with the first part of that. I find that some UU/BL mons can cream OU mons. Scarf and Absol, watcha it slash away at Gengar and Azelf. Almost every mon out there has a good strategy for it, we just have to find 'em. But yeah, you can use lower tier mons for higher tiers. So you can use UU in OU teams, unless someone's rules prohibit it. A lot of people don't like BL+ mons in UU tournies and such. It all depends on who you're battling, essentially.
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