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Cool Re: Best Non-Legendary Psychic Type?

Let's see...

Least Weaknesses:

*Girafarig - Immune to Ghost, Weak to only Bug and Dark
*Metagross - No Psychic weaknesses (Dark, Bug, Ghost), Resistant to many types, Weak to only Fire and Ground
*Medicham - Weak to only Flying and Ghost

Best Special Attack:

Alakazam - Special Attack base stat of 135, highest out of all non-legendary Pokemon. Add Calm Mind, and you've got the ultimate sweeper.
*Espeon - Special Attack base stat of 130, second highest.

Best Special Defence:

Mr. Mime - Special Defence Base stat of 120, highest of all Psychic non-legendary
*Claydol - Same as Mr. Mime

Best Movepool

Alakazam - Can learn three punches (Fire, Thunder, Ice), and Focus Punch for those Dark-types
Slowbro - Water Pokemon meaning it can learn Water and Ice Type moves and can also learn Flamethrower! Plus Focus Punch to get rid of those dirty Dark-types and Shadow Ball for those dirty Ghost types. Earthquake for Electric opponents, so that is about 5 types (excluding Shadow Ball because most Psychic types can learn that) that a normal Psychic-type wouldn't be able to learn.

* means the Pokemon may need to be traded from another version.
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