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Default Re: What is Pokerus, and how can I get It

Such a jumble of information...

Obtain: The Virus is obtained randomly from any wild Pokemon. Chances are higher than finding a shiny.

Versions: Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FR, LG

Effect: Doubles any and all Effort Values infected Pokemon recieves upon defeating an opponent.

Time limit: 24 hours. Storing in PC pauses time limit, but uncertain to whether storing in PC resets time limit.

Infecting: Keep infected Pokemon in party while walking/battling. Other Pokemon will get infected.

Thanks to Ashkelon, I have Pokerus on many Pokemon, but have yet to begin training them. Infected Pokemon include Sneasel, Deoxys, and others I intent to EV train. If you don't know about EV training (i.e. Manipulating in-game mechanics to strenthen your Pokemon and increase selected attributes) then either learn about it, or don't bother wishing for the Virus. PokeRus is useless otherwise.

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