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Default Re: READ FIRST: What's New in Emerald Version

Battle Frontier

Battle Frontier is a new area accessible in Emerald Version, and it's basically a huge Pokémon-themed amusement park, with several things to do inside:

-Battle Arena: In this area, you fight in a contest-like battle. You battle a trainer with three pokémon, all whose level match the highest level of pokémon on your current team. There's a big twist here: the battle only lasts 3 turns! If you win the battle the before that, than you automatically win. If you don't win or lose in 3 turns, than you and the enemy trainer are rated on a system that is similar to that of the contests, with heart, move, or structure. If you get a higher rating, you win. If you win 27 times a row, than you get to battle Greta, the Arena Captain. if you beat her, than you get Silver Arena Badge. She also appears after 50 wins. If you beat her again, you recieve the Gold Arena Badge

-Battle Dome: In here you get to use three of your pokémon in a 16-trainer tournament. Also, the enemy trainers sometimes use pokémon previously unseen in R/S. If you win 5 tournaments in a row, the Dome Superstar, Tucker, appears. If you beat him, you get the Silver Battle Dome Badge. If you win 10 tounreys in a row...yup, you guessed it. The Dome Superstar's back, and more powerful than before. Beat him to obtain the Gold Battle Dome Badge

-Battle Factory: In this area of Battle Frontier, you are given six rental pokémon, and you choose three to use in battle (like in Stadium / Colossuem). Once you win 21 battles, you battle the Factory Head, Noland, for the silver badge of this area, and you can battle him again after 42 battle for the Gold Battle Factory Badge

-Battle Palace: In here, you fight in double battles, except you can't choose your attacks! After 21 and 42, you can battle the Palace Guardian for the Silver and Gold Battle Palace Badges, respectively.

-Battle Pyramid: In the Pyramid, you enter with three pokémon. Get ready for a real challenge. You lose all of your items (you get them back when you leave, of course), and you must fight your way through very powerful wild pokemon and trainers. Along the way you'll find items. The pyramid is 7 floors tall, but you can keep entering...and each time you do, it gets more difficult. The Pyramind King here battles you first when you get to teh top of the pyramid 3 times, and again once you've done it 10x. This looks to me like it's going to be one of the more challening parts of Emerald!

-Battle Tower: Yes, Battle Tower is in Battle Frontier in Emerald, and it's got everything we've come to expect, and more! In addition to the normal mode, there is a double battle mode, and a third mode where you battle with a CPU trainer. The Tower Tycoon appears after you get 35 straight wins, and you get the Gold Tower Badge after you beat her when she appears after you get 70 straight wins.

-Battle Pike: The Battle Pike is pretty much a funhouse. You get to choose which doors to go through inside (kinda like Norman's gym, except bigger) Behind each door, one of the following things can happen:

-you'll fight a trainer battle
-you'll get your pokémon healed
-your pokémon become infected with a status effect
-you find an item
(NOTE: There may be more in here that we don't know about yet)

-Battle Frontier Item Shops: You earn B.P. (battle points) for beating events in the park. There is an item shop where you can turn in those points for items

BP - Item

Left Shop 1
16 - Kiss Poster
32 - Kiss Cushion
32 - Smoochum Doll
48 - Togepi Doll
48 - Meowth Doll
48 - Clefairy Doll
48 - Ditto Doll
80 - Cyndiquil Doll
80 - Chikorita Doll
80 - Tododile Doll

Left Shop 2
128 - Lapras Doll
128 - Snorlax Doll
256 - Charizard Doll
256 - Blastoise Doll
256 - Venasaur Doll

Right Shop 1
1 - Protein
1 - Calcium
1 - Zinc
1 - Iron
1 - Carbos
1 - HP Up

Right Shop 2
48 - Leftovers
48 - White Herb
48 - Quick Claw
48 - Mental Herb
64 - Choice Band
64 - Brightpowder
64 - Focus Band
64 - Scope Lens

[To be continued...]
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