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Default Re: WAR 2x(3⅔) URPG Section


3 vs 3
No Helds
Normal Weather
Normal Terrain
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause

The Nameless Soldiers
Poke123: [Rapidash, Spearow, Caterpie]

Team Bulbasaur
Xalapeno: [Raichu, Dragonair, Nidoking]

It was pretty close. Poke123 utilized Rapidash quite nicely to down Raichu and do major damage to Nidoking. If he had had just ONE more fully evolved Pokemon, he definitely would have won, as neither Spearow, nor Caterpie could withstand a double Dragon Danced Outrage from Dragonair.

Xalapeno: $2,000 + Point for team
Poke123: $1,000

I should get $2,000

Salary: $20,000

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