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Default Re: [SU]When Two Worlds Combine - Pokémon and Naruto[SU] Open!

Originally Posted by Caraa View Post
Name: Ash Ketchum
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Confused)
Personality: Ash really hasn't changed much since his original journey, but of course, some things have changed. Ash isn't the sheltered child he was when he was ten. He's sixteen, almost a man, and has had girlfriends...and boyfriends. Ash is still hard-working with his Pokemon career, but hormones have changed his look on life. Ash was in hopes of meeting up with some old friends before the world was turned over on its head.
Pokémon or Naruto: Pokemon
Profession/Rank: Trainer
Pikachu - female
Noctowl - male
Corphish - male
Sceptile - male
Bulbasaur - male
Charizard - male
Squirtle - male
Swellow - female
Buizel - male
Pidgeot - female
RP Sample:
Ash head out his house, door slamming shut behind him. Damn, his mother was so annoying. Still telling him to change his underwear everyday. Could she not see that he was getting older? He was sixteen now, and she still treated him as if he was ten. Ash hopped down the steps from the porch, turning down onto the dusty road. Could it be that it's not an act? He asked himself as Pikachu scurried next to him. Ash smiled at his little mouse Pokemon. "Hey, buddy," Pikachu always brought light to Ash's day, no matter what was happening. Suddenly, he saw that Pikachu was holding something. "What d'ya got there, Pikachu?" He asked, reaching for the item.

"Pi ka chu!" The Pokemon teased, running away from her trainer.

"Hey, Pikachu! Come back!" Ash called, running after her. When he caught up, Pikachu jumped on his shoulder, messing with his head. She grabbed his hat and put it on. Ash was able to get a glimpse of what she was holding. "Dammit, Ma, you had to have given her ketchup!"


Name: Roxy-Lynne "Roxy" Ketchum
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Appearance: She looks almost exactly like her older brother, Ash, only in girl form. ((NOT the episode where TR put Ash in the dress. Do NOT think she likes like that.)) Her black her falls right beneath her shoulders, and her eyes are of a cerulean color. She wears straight-legged jeans with a red skirt overtop. She wears a solid black shirt and shoes, and her fingertip-less gloves are red. A one-strap bag is always seen with her, and is also red, matching her skirt and gloves. She's a tomboy with a personality to match.
Personality: Roxy-Lynne is a little rough on the edges. She had a rough childhood, so she's not very good with people. She is very sarcastic and fresh, usually to her mom or Ash. She really likes Ash, and looks up to him, but tries to hide it. Roxy would describe herself as the little sister Ash has always wanted. Ash would counter that with the never-changing "Sike!" She is very much a tomboy, but she does let the girl in her poke through now and again. If you tried to have her do something, be prepared to get told off. Roxy needs some prompting every once and a while, but usually she doesn't ever get too out of hand.
Pokémon or Naruto: Pokemon
Profession/Rank: Breeder
Pichu - male - Strike
Mightyena - male - Benoni
Vulpix - female - Oktober
Giratina - male - Hysteria
Latias - female
Mew - female
History: When Delia and Giovanni split, Delia was pregnant with Ash. But when Ash turned two, he was too young to understand. And that's why he still doesn't believe his younger sister - Delia and Giovanni are Roxy-Lynne's parents, as they are his. Delia kept Ash while Giovanni took Roxy in and kept her as his own secret weapon. Roxy, even as a young child, endured serious mental and physical training. She built up her Pokemon in secrecy, too, under supervision by her father. When Giovanni finally thought that Roxy was ready, he let her go tour the world, oblivious that she knew about her family. So, of course, that was the first place Roxy went, and she stayed. Despite Ash rejecting the truth, she still loved her family enough to stay with them.
RP Sample:
Just need a sample of Roxy in a RP, and she'll be accepted then. She's under pending, and Ash is accetped.

Originally Posted by Skipper_The_Growlite View Post
Name: Kevin Niamigoto
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: SHe has no problum with any he likes girls mostly but he does not care
Appearance:He is 5,10 his hair is light brown and he has brown eyes. He has a light brown dress jacket with white pants and a yellow dress shirt. He has black gloves.

Personality: He is very smart and charming. he always smiles and he is very nice when it comes to people. When he is with people who is somewhat the voice of reason. He can be silent some times but when he needs to be. He actuly a really dark and strange person. He tends to realy on his power and smarts to help him most of the time. He is a very stroung pokemon trainer and he is actully a gym leader but not many people know of him.

Pokémon or Naruto: pokemon
Profession/Rank: Master Trainer

Skills: (For Naruto characters only; nin, gen, and/or taijutsu)
History: (Optional)
Other: nah he's pimp
RP Sample:sorry soon
I'm sorry to say that Rayquaza is already taken, so you can't have one. There's only one of each Legendary, so either remove a Legendary from your team or replace him with another. I'm sorry about that. I'll put you under reserved for now.
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