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Default Re: [SU]When Two Worlds Combine - Pokémon and Naruto[SU] Open!

Name: Kenji " ken ,yoshi." Yoshiko
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation:both he really does not care mostly gay but he likes both.

Appearance:He has Black short hair his eyes are light blue and he is 5,12 and 260 pounds. He wears black Dress pants with a Black short sleeve button down shirt on the back it has a red pokeball on it under that his last name. under that he has a blue shirt that has a blue hoddie under and a black shirt showing. He has a Blue chain comeing from the side of his pants. His shoes are blue and black

Personality: He gets angry very easy he is a very angry person. He hates people who ask stupid question's and stupid people. His favroite thing to do is be artistic with all types of things mostly drawing and music along with writeing. He is quite most of the time and is very good at pretending to care about things. If he needs to be nice he will be but he will never be nice if he doesnt feel he needs to. He like's the quite and hates people who are loud and random. He is strong and very detirmend he will stop at nothing to get what he needs done. kenji loves the beach and the wild and can often be found drawing trees are landscapse of the water. He is a really nice guy if one gets to know him. He can be very perverted to girls with comments

Pokémon or Naruto: pokemon
Profession/Rank: Master Trainer
trecko (Slade)

Skills: (For Naruto characters only; nin, gen, and/or taijutsu)
History: (Optional)
RP Sample: Slade rested peaceful on a small branch wearing a brown cloak. He looked down to his master and tossed a apple to him as it was caught easliy . " You know." Kenji said taking a bite of the apple. " This world is boring , pointless and overall worthles why do we deal with it." He tossed the apple on the ground as slade jumped on his sholder and looked to his master . " I guess , being so good at this training thing is pointles afteral." He sighed and took out his drawing book and began to draw the water as it moved slowly back from side to side. He looked over to his arcanine as the sun shined on him and began to draw the dog pokemon . " I never wanted to be a trainer but i belive that something might happen one day and stir things up , right slade." Slade jumped off his masters sholder and nodded as kenji rub his head the small pokemon fell asleep kenji stood up and placed him near the dog pokemon and went back to the tree and began to draw once more
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