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Default Re: [SU]When Two Worlds Combine - Pokémon and Naruto[SU] Open!

Thats no problem crystal. Here is one role play sample from not too long ago. I couldn't fit it in my initial sign up because there were too many characters for the post limit. Also the pictures should work now.

Daniel Simmonds, more commonly known as ‘Dan’ to the few who know him in person, arose from the warm comfort of his pinstriped, light-blue bed, which was tucked conveniently into the back corner of the room. It was a dark and quiet morning, all that could be heard was the faint humming sound Garden made whilst skimming the calm, deep-blue oceans, and the few seagulls that had awoken to accompany it along it’s journey.

Dan stood to his feet, the cool tiles of the pearl-white floor that would normally send chills up another’s spine, only to do nothing unto him. He was impervious to the cold, having been born in the frozen lands of the Bika Snowfields of the Trabia continent. If anything, he found Garden, and life at sea to be rather warm.

His long, dark blond hair, which lay just over his radiant blue eyes, was windswept to one side as he slid open the window on the wall adjacent to his bed. He could smell the bitter-sweet scent of the saltwater vapour, as it sprayed at him ever so slightly. He looked up at the horizon, the dark skies were beginning to lighten up, the stars still in plain sight as they glistened in the nothingness above.

“Four in the morning”, he thought to himself as he slid the window closed again, before taking a step to his right, ending up at his desk. Past SeeD exam papers lay flat in neat, organised piles, and positioned against the far wall. He passed textbooks and many other means of relevant educational material, as he stretched his arm across to turn on a silver reading lamp.

He turned around, travelled the short distance between the desk and his bed, and reached over towards a hanger on the wall on the far side of his bed. On it, suspended on a nail, which had been hammered into the wall, was a long-sleeved white shirt, with two patterned black rings around the right elbow. He carelessly tossed the hanger onto his untidy bed, and pulled the shirt over his pale, yet finely cut torso.

After wiping his now untidy fringe to one side, in the same manner the wind had blown it earlier, he knelt down besides his bed, and pulled out two boots from under its steel frame. After slipping his feet comfortably into the cushioned interior of the dark, leather boots, and tying the thick khaki laces tightly, he reached further under the bed, from which ha pulled out a black sheath and belt. They had both been laced with silver thread, and seemed to buckle together in a way convenient for the wearer.

Dan strapped the belt around his waste, clipping the two ends of the stainless-steel buckle together in the way he had always done, then clipped the sheath onto a connection to his left. He looked down at the protruding handle, the only visible part of the sword once sheathed. The grip was tightly wrapped with brown leather, which seemed worn from where Dan had held it, and the steel guards on either side were well polished, and shimmered in the faint light of the lamp.

He was set.

He stood to his feet once more, and made his way light-footedly out of his part of the two-room dorm, making sure not to disturb the sleep of the fellow SeeD cadet in the next room. He made sure he didn’t make a sound as he made his way into the open corridor outside, which lead to the main Garden complex. The many open gaps in the corridor leading outside, allowed for a more distinct breeze, the saltwater vapour filling Dan’s lungs as his hair was swept to one side yet again, just the way he liked it.

Throughout the duration of his short stay at Balamb Garden, he noticed the many differences when comparing the place to Trabia Garden, the major one being the Training Centre. It was a conveniently placed facility in which the seniors could hone their skills against the various monsters situated there, without having to leave the school premises. Certainly a privilege that Trabia didn’t have. Another difference being the overall structure of the two Gardens. Balamb, being neatly stacked together in a shape very similar to a ‘Spider-Diagram’, and Trabia having the more the more industrial look.

Dan could hear the faint trickle of the water fountain surrounding the main support structure as he arrived at the central complex. A mere murmur when compared to the powerful roar of the artificial waterfalls, which were only activated during the later hours of the morning. Crickets could be heard echoing throughout the vast depths of the complex, from the many beautiful gardens, which separated each section of garden off, a slightly more pleasant noise when compared to the complete silence of Trabia at night.

His footsteps attracted the attention of the many Garden Faculty patrolling the restricted facilities. The Training Centre, the area Dan was heading to, was the only area open for utilisation after curfew, and the early hours of the morning.

His journey through the corridor leading to the entrance of the Training Centre was interrupted when a member of SeeD in full uniform stopped him just before the Y-junction.

“You’re the new guy, right?” he spoke in a light, friendly voice, his uniform’s golden collar glistening in the fluorescent light, “The one from Trabia?”

“Yeah?” replied Dan in his usual quiet tone, resting his hands on his hips.

“First, my condolences for what happened to Trabia during the Galbadian Missile Crisis.” He gave Dan the traditional Balamb salute.

“Thanks”, he replied with a half-smile on his face, “I’m glad you guys here managed to escape in time.”

The SeeD, hesitant, continued, “All thanks to Commander Leonhart, him and the rest of the heroes who defeated Ultimecia.”

“I heard about that,” said Dan looking to one side, “must be quite some publicity.”

“It is, isn’t it?” the SeeD nodded approvingly, “In any case, I’m here to discuss more important issues.” This comment attracted Dan’s attention, bringing eye contact back to the SeeD. “I was sent here by the Garden Faculty who have seen you come by here every morning, at this time, since the day you arrived. You are aware of the T-Rexaur roaming these facilities?”

“Yeah, I read the tutorial.”

“Good. Then you know the rules and regulations regarding the possible dangers involved?”

Dan raised an eyebrow, “‘If you aren’t prepared, flight is your best option’? Yeah, I got it.”

“Alright, just making sure, standard procedure. They’re quite rare, so hopefully you won’t run in to any of them, but when you do and decide to push your luck…” the SeeD ran his thumb across the front of his neck, in a rather facetious gesture, before continuing back towards the Central complex.

Dan made his way further inside the corridor, hearing the Seed shout back; “Have fun!”.
He reached the entrance to the Training Centre, the Y-intersection before the real danger. All around him was wildlife, he was standing on treaded grass, and ahead of him was a tall, electric fence, and two meter-long, blast-resistant, stainless-steel doors to his left and right. He walked to the right and made his way through the student I.D scanning device, opening the doors to the beyond.

There he stood, with his eyes closed, listening to the ambience of the wildlife around him. He could hear the flowing water of the stream over the bridge ahead, and the multitude of natural melodies produced by the many insects living within the bushes on either side of the path. He heard the steel doors behind him close and lock, sending echoes out through the wilderness, disturbing the natural harmony.

He clasped his hand around the handle of his sword, and felt a powerful surge of energy pulsing through his body. He was fully Junctioned to his usual stature, with ‘Ixion’, a Guardian of lightning, the same GF he had been junctioned to since his earlier adolescent days as a cadet.

He drew his blade; a ringing chime produced as the polished steel rim of the sheath shaved the blade of the sword. It was a truly magnificent tool. The blade itself stood roughly 120 centimetres long, and was 4 centimetres in width. The middle of the blade was cut out from the base, leaving a gap in the centre, which joined at the tip of the sword. It was light as a feather, but deadly all the same; it’s sleek edge capable of dividing almost anything. A very useful one-handed shortsword.
Dan remained where he stood, holding the Millennium Sword in tight grasp with both hands, still listening. He could still feel the power pulsing through him, his mighty Thunder-Elemental Paramagic junctioned to his sword for full effect. But then something caught his eye; he was standing on a card. He knelt down and picked it up with a free hand, identifying it immediately to be one in the popular ‘Triple Triad’ card set, a T-Rexaur.

He recalled hearing one of his classmates mentioning that they were lacking a T-Rexaur card in his set, a set of rare cards as a matter of fact. He had a Gagantua, an Abyss Worm, and even a Blue Dragon card.

“Blue Dragons…” he thought, “I hate the damn things.”

At that, he heard a disturbing rustle in the bushes around him. He swiftly tucked away the card in his back pocket, meaning to give it to his classmate later, and held his sword tightly in both hands ahead of him, facing the direction of the alerting sounds. A Grat cautiously protruded from the bush ahead of him, its lengthy tentacles swaying in the air above it, and its mouth producing an acid which proceeded to drip onto the dirty grit below, corroding in its demise ever so slightly.

Dan stood his ground, watching its tentacles closely, planning his next move. Then suddenly, after an ear-splitting shriek, and with the full force of its body weight, it lashed all of its tentacles from above, towards its target, only to collide with the earth. Dan, recovering from his evasive roll to the left, kicked off with three powerful strides forward. He leapt into the air towards the aggressor, sword high above his head, radiant with the glowing blue electricity. He was ready to land the decicive blow.
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