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Default Re: [SU]When Two Worlds Combine - Pokémon and Naruto[SU] Open!

Originally Posted by Necromancy View Post
Umm, I'd like to RP as Shikamaru Nara (Nara Shikamaru) if that's alright. As for my plans for him, I'm not quite sure what you're looking for here. If you mean his skills, I'd probably want him to focus on getting a bit of Genjutsu and enhance his abilities with Shadows more like he does throughout the series.
Plans are like how will he react to the sudden appearance of Pokémon, how he will react to the Trainers, and stuff like that. With the Naruto canon characters, the main plans are trying to stick with the plot of the manga/anime as best as possible. With Pokémon now in the picture, things will be different. Also, if you have an idea, who might Shika end up with in the end. Otherwise, you're accepted as Nara Shika! Yay for Naruto characters! Even though it's only on canon and one OC so far...

Originally Posted by Michelle8936 View Post
Awesome! Thanks!
I've never actually RP'd before... so this should be interesting. xD

Um... I think I forgot to mention it's also pretty hard to gain her full trust. ^^''
That's quite alright. RPing is fun, and I could guess it'll be hard to gain your character's trust. But it isn't impossible, so that's a good thing.
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