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Default Re: WAR 2x(3⅔) URPG Section

Week 3

In this week, Pokemon that have a speed greater than or equal to 299 are banned. Also, use of Yanmega with the ability Speed Boost is banned, but Yanmega with the ability Tinted Lens is allowed to be used.

Pokemon of the Week:
This week, use an Aggron, Crawdaunt, Girafarig, Golduck, Masquerain, Pidgeot, Qwilfish, Slowbro, Swalot, or Vileplume in battle and win, and receive two wins for your team.

Week 3 Stats

Team Wins
  • The Lost Pioneers - 0
  • The Nameless Soldiers - 0
  • The Cheerleaders - 0
  • The Secret Agent Band - 0
  • The Cake Hunterz - 0
  • Team Bulbasaur - 0

Individual Wins

Point Distribution

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