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Default Re: WAR 2x(3⅔) URPG Section

Week 2

In this week, Pokemon will be at their lowest evolution stage (i.e. Togekiss becomes Togepi, Raichu becomes Pichu). They may still use all of their attacks (Togepi would be able to use Air Slash). Pokemon that do not evolve (Aerodactyl, Castform, etc.) are not allowed to be used this week, as well as Scyther, Tangela, Sneasel, Yanma, and Meditite (For reasons why, see here).

Pokemon of the Week:
This week, use a Barboach, Cherubi, Magnemite, Mankey, Murkrow, Ponyta, Spoink, Snorunt, Vulpix or Zigzagoon in battle and win, and receive two wins for your team.

Week 2 Stats

Team Wins
  • The Lost Pioneers - 0
  • The Nameless Soldiers - 0
  • The Cheerleaders - 0
  • The Secret Agent Band - 0
  • The Cake Hunterz - 0
  • Team Bulbasaur - 0

Individual Wins

Point Distribution

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