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Default Re: Ruby/Sapphire Game Discussion

Originally Posted by Traipez
Larvitar is soooooo cool! :D
u're right there! for some reason i'm longing to get FR/LG to get a Larvitar. And a dragonite too. (oops, have to stay on topic ) i never like Metagross. It looks like a robot to me.

Originally Posted by boltAge
It's really hard to start with Treecko, for a start, Winona gives you a big trouble. I only defeated her by catching a brand new Skarmory and training it for so long(All my other mons dies pretty fast before they can do much damage). I'd stay with Swampert with decent moves.
For me, it's pretty easy to beat Winona becoz my Manectric is already about lv 50 when i fight her.
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