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Default Whispers in the Dark (4/18)

Whispers in the Dark
by The Carnivorous Muffin
assissted by Scourge of Amaranth

In comprehensive terms, this is a ridiculously AU crossover of Death Note and The Darkangel Trilogy, in which Carny and I (Scourge of Amaranth, Scourge, though, please) steal Death Note's characters, mix them with The Darkangel Trilogy's basic concept, and dump them into a tripod with various other influences (some of which may be more obvious than others). Knowledge of neither fandom is required to enjoy Whispers.

As far as the posted bits go, (at this point, the Prologue) do not expect to understand exactly what is going on.

Imagine, if you will, a world in which people can not do evil. What, for this compulsion, defines 'evil' and... without evil, how can good exist? How did the world come to be in a state where there are neither good deeds, nor bad ones--where free will is a thing of the past, and even the truly despicable, cursed with both the ability and inability to choose, have nothing?

*chuckle* So, I asked the author for a summary and this is what she gave me:

Hola, Iím writing a fanfiction piece with the help of my beta/grammar-nazi called Whispers in the Dark. This piece actually started as a frustrated challenge to myself to write a Death Note x Vampire fic that didnít suck. That being as it is, what I ended up getting was a Death Note x Darkangel crossover. While it is a crossover, it doesnít stay true to either world (thatís usually what happens when my beta and I team up on fan fiction; the world explodes or dies--literally). Thatís my warning for dark themes, and I donít mean Stephene Meyerís definition of dark themes. The story is basically set in the future with minimal technology where seven-year-old Light Yagami is kidnapped by a Darkangel. Iím a fan of vague summaries, so thatís as much info as youíre going to get. Deal with it.

PG-13 would be the rating, if anyone wishes to know.

On a side note: Wid, if you will, is, as you may or may not notice as you read through, quite a bit of a rough draft at this point--this is, really, the 'rough posting'. It has been editted for grammatical errors semi-efficiently (if I missed anything, slap me with it), but overall coherence--in plot, presentation, and characterisation--has yet been achieved. Any input aimed at improvement would be adored (and yes, I know the writing needs more detail). As this is still an in-progress piece, it will be updated sporadically.


Prologue + "I Remember" -- Part I + Part II
Chapter I + "Why Does the Apple Fall?" -- Part I
Chapter II + Blossom in the Dust -- Part I
Chapter III + Caricature -- Part I
Chapter IV + Shadow of the Sun -- Part I

~IGC t DM+

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