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The Original One: The Story of the Beginning
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Rating: PG-13 for some gore and words (and DEATH )
Status: WIP!
When Sirius murders the first Governor of Time, Chrononian,
Arceus curses him by trapping in a crystal ball, the Stone of
Darkness, but Sirius escapes, plotting revenge, he comes to
Arceus' court, then, he turns Arceus into Death Form, a status
which the victim will destroy-and kill anything in its path.
Only Mew can save the universe from Sirius' dark reign...

Fanfiction A SHORT STORY
Genre: Normal Life?
Rating: G
Status: DONE!
A little story about a Empoleon that reads a werid thing.....

That's pretty much it, more will come soon...
MAH BOY- King of Hyrule

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