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Default Re: Ruby/Sapphire Game Discussion

Originally Posted by art
AAAH! this is so freaky! ur sister is called alice cheung yee fung, right? and you live in... Hong Kong!
behold my psychic powers! darn, i have to stop hanging out with alakazam..j/k. I happen to have ur sis on msn, she told me about it. you found the lunatone after you helped her find bagon, right? aaaw i feel bad fr you, especially since you helped me so much!
hey...ur surname is dutch,right?dun post my name here!

Houndoom and Lugia ---the BEST pokemon FOREVER!!!

Thanks Art for the 2 banners and avatar u hv made!! Also to CrystalBlue becoz u hv made a banner for me long time ago =]