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Default Re: DPP Discussion / Question & Answer Thread!

Originally Posted by Mewtwo 151 View Post
In platinum can you have rematches with gym leaders like in emerald too?
Are they going to make new moves for platinum too?
No new moves, no. But I know that a lot of pokemon can learn new moves via level-up, tutors, or breeding. If you want to know what can learn what, there's plenty of lists floating around the net, and I think Serebii's site has one. Off the top of my head, I know mons like Jolteon and Lucario learn Magnet Rise in Platinum. I remember, because I thought it was idiotic. :P

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Thanks so much for the info! ^^
I really was lost when anyone would talk about that.
You're welcome! Maybe we'll Shoddy sometime.
Originally Posted by Simo3000 View Post
How, can I get a Event pokemon when they announce one?
For the moment, it has a Pikachu, but my mystery gift don't detect it.
Depends on what the actual event is. You should have that Mystery Club on your game, and when they announce that some legendary will be given at some event, go, and they'll download it to your game. For example, they gave Darkrai out at the 10th movie. For once, people traded and battled with legit Darkrais, rather than the hacked ones that flooded the place. :o
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