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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Lucario, a pokemon hero respected by all and hated by all evil Pokemon, was killed by a team made up of a Weavile, Dusknoir, and Toxicroak, calling themselves Team NightShade, and who follow their powerful leader, Darkrai, the master of nightmares. When the guardian of Pokemon Island, all of the known world, is gone, nobody is in Darkrai's way when he devises a way to rule all worlds. He was locked away in the Dark World long ago to prevent his evil from overrunning the world, but he still manages to launch his diabolical schemes, even if he's locked away in this dark realm. The Pokemon who governs this place, Giratina, has not been heard from since Darkrai began his dark plot. Team NightShade continues to lead Darkrai's army on Pokemon Island while he continues to utilize his terrible machine to submerge the Pokemon world into darkness.

What this machine does exactly is infect worlds with darkness, continue swallowing pieces of the world, until it is completely gone. The world is then converted into energy, along with all of it's inhabitants, and are stored for Darkrai's own use. The fine line between the Dark World and the Pokemon World is dissolving, and if it is broken, Darkrai will have access to all other worlds, and destroy any possible threat to his plan, but for now, Team NightShade is his hired arm. Far away from this madness however, on the southern most part of the island lies the Root Village, where a young Treecko named Grovyle named Rugi lives. He doesn't know it, but an uncertain future awaits him. He will take flight and rise to fight this new enemy. Will he succeed where the greatest hero who history has ever known failed?


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