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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
O_O *stunned into silence yet again*


I've got it. *returns Aires to pokeball*

Well, it's safe to say you got your point across Gem. =^-^'=
Kris is too stunned to speak, and Aires has snapped yet again. *mumbles* Can't say that I blame her this time.

*shaking head* To even be able to go on and simply function after something like that... You've got more than physical strength Rye. I'd say you're will is much stronger than you think. B)

I'm just glad that Zanna was actually able to pull him out of it, and that he's actually alright. I'm sure Kris is glad too. =^-^=

O_O ... ... Wow.

Uhhh...yeah. Can't wait for the next chapter really!

You used two different punctuations for the quotes, and that should be fist.

I think maybe it should be startled.

Should be past.
I think that's all
Thankyou! you found the miss-spelling i found but couldn't find again! yay! lol... and its the part i have put in bold
WOW! I haven't been on in ages! Oh well, I am back for (hopefully) good now. :D

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