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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts- The Keys to The Lost Worlds [SU] (Now accepting SU's)

The 'Keys'

Name: Xiac
Age: 16
Homeworld: Twilight Town
Originated from: ??? (will reveal in RP. Also I can't think of anything right now XD)
Gender: Male
Personality: Xiac is easy to get along with and doesn't tell lies, betray people etc. He acts like a Jester and also refers himself as a Jester as well. He is funny and likes to make people laugh. He can make enemies easily as he can make friends easily.
History: Xiac doesn't really remember much about his past. He knew he had been orphaned but he thinks there is something more to that. Something seems to pull him into his past. He has dreams, vague dreams, about his past. He can never make out these dreams but they have gotten him curious about what may have happened in his past. (I may reveal the past in the RP)
Extra: I dunno...

Darkness Six

Name: Kayden
Age: 18
Homeworld: ???? (Will say in RP)
Gender: Male
Personality; Kayden is quiet and keeps to himself at most times. He gets the job done once asked to do something. He is loyal to the side he is on. (Short )
History: Not much is known about Kayden. He does not know much about his past either. The only things he remember are him exiting the darkness, becoming the second member of the Darkness Six. He obeyed without question. He wonders why he can never remember his own past.
Weapon: Shown in pic above.
Extra: He is a skilled swordsman.

This okay?

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